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Located at 250 South Milledge Avenue, Phi Mu Alpha Alpha is home to over 300 members from all of the U.S. Creating memories and forever friendships, at Phi Mu Alpha Alpha, our girls have made their four years at UGA as a Phi Mu last a lifetime. We love to have fun, be ourselves and be together; whether it's studying in the chapter room, getting together for our philanthropy events or even mattress surfing on our last week in the house, we make the most of the friendships we have made. 

We cherish our time together, time helping the community and time at Phi Mu. Learn more about us here!

Phi Mu History

History of Phi Mu

Phi Mu was founded in 1852 at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia by Mary Ann (Dupont) Lines, Mary Elizabeth (Myrick) Daniel and Martha Bibb (Hardaway) Redding. It began as the Philomathean Society, a literary society, and is the second oldest secret society for women in the nation. The Philomathean Society became Phi Mu Fraternity in 1904.

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