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About Recruitment

Welcome to Phi Mu Alpha Alpha Recruitment page. Here you can learn a little about our recruitment, as well as some of our tips on having the best recruitment at UGA. We are so excited to meet every single one of you!


Phi Mu UGA

Recruitment Registration

Here is the link to the 2023 UGA Recruitment registration. We are so excited for you and this journey!!


Phi Mu no longer accepts letters of recommendation. 

Alpha Alpha Recruitment Contact

Contact our Recruitment Chair at: 


Our Tips!!!


Going through Recruitment can be the best experience ever, but it can also be extremely overwhelming. Our best advice to give is to be yourself no matter who you talk to! The girls you will be talking to are just as nervous as you are. Do not worry about them or the other girls going through Recruitment with you. This is YOUR process and YOUR choice.


Recruitment can be overwhelming, but seriously trust the process. No matter what happens, you will land exactly where you're supposed to be and find lifelong friends. Every thing happens for a reason and with the Recruitment process it is SO TRUE.


Take this time to HAVE FUN. Enjoy the craziness, lack of sleep, and friendships you make! You could make your new best friend in line wait for the next round to start. Enjoy the songs from each House and the conversations you have. The more fun, the better!

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2023Panhellenic Fall Recruitment

May 1 Registration Opens
July 17 Registration Closes
​July 18 - August 10 PNMs Watch Chapter Videos

August 2 PNM Videos Due

August 11 PNM Move In & Orientation

August 12-13 Round 2

August 14-15 Round 3

August 16-18 Break for Classes

August 19 Preference Round

August 20 Bid Day


For more information on UGA's Recruitment and a detailed schedule, visit UGA Panhellenic's website:

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